Kodak R5 Pro 18 inch Bi-Color LED Ring Light

  • 18′” SMD LED
  • Adjustable Power Output
  • Flexible Smartphone Holder 4. Dimmable LED
  • Low Heat Output
  • Dual Input Power Options Battery/Adapter”

13,999 10,650


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The KODAK R5 Pro Ring Light is an ideal product for modern photographers, videographers, You Tubers and photography enthusiast. It improves the overall appearance of a subject by enhancing facial features by highlighting eyes. The Kodak R5 Pro Ring Light ensures a perfectly diffused light on the subject and makes the subject lighting evenly soft and gets rid of any annoying shadows. The round design also highlights the eyes making the pictures and videos livelier. The KODAK R5 Pro Ring Light Comes with a LED Display to show the various setting and parameters clearly on the screen and can be recorded for different subject requirements. The Light intensity and the color temperature can both be changed by the remote control from a distance and the remote also has a LCD display to show different settings. The KODAK R5 Pro Ring light comes with mirror and a flexible smartphone holder to help you get the ideal videos and selfies from your smartphone.


Item Weight 3.47 Kg
Product Dimensions 45 x 45 x 8 cm
Item part number R5
Included Components “1. KODAK R5 Pro Ring Light 2. Remote Control 3. Smartphone Holder 4. Mirror 5. Adapter 6. Carry Bag”

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