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Kodak WM2 UHF Wireless Microphone System

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KODAK UHF Wireless Microphone System WM2 is a wireless microphone with a transmitter triggered by one receiver and powered by two AA batteries. It utilizes UHF wireless FM technology and comes with a LCD high-resolution screen with which the user can easily see and select the different modes and settings. The WM2 also has a 16-level adjustable volume and is integrated into LCF (Low cut filter) with Auto IR Channel-match for Stereo/Mono switchable audio mode and RF signal strength adjustment. The KODAK UHF Wireless Microphone System WM2 has a strong shielding anti-noise system to ensure sound clarity and it equipped with a high-quality microphone to ensure sound quality is ideal for different users.

Feature :

  • Trigger-1
  • 48 Channels
  • up to 100m Working Distance
  • Low Cut Filter
  • Real-time monitor
  • 16-level adjusted Gain control
  • Muting Mode
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Support External Power

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