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Schneider 4×4″ Classic Soft 1/4 Filter

  • Water White Glass

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The Schneider 4×4″ Classic Soft 1/4 Filter produces a classic Old-Hollywood close-up look, with image quality for current Hollywood needs. Would you like to achieve the same tonality as an old image of Cary Grant or Marlene Dietrich?

Hundreds of Micro-Lenslets arrayed within each Schneider Classic Soft filter provide a precisely controlled soft image that is overlaid on a sharp, in-focus image. This combination diffuses the image while maintaining overall sharp focus. Schneider calls this Schneider In-focus Diffusion. The number of Micro-Lenslets per square inch determines the image blending effectiveness of each Classic Soft filter.

  • This filter blends small wrinkles and blemishes while maintaining overall sharp focus that conceals the fact that a softening filter was used
  • Schneider has developed a subtle and effective softening filter that can be used freely without fear of compromising the high-quality of modern lenses.


Type Classic Soft
Size 4×4″ (100 x 100 x 4 mm thick)
Grade 1/4
Filter Factor Not specified
Multi-Coated Yes
Rotating No
Effect Soft focus with no loss of sharpness: produces an old-style Hollywood “glow” to image
Application Portraiture and scenes where a softer mood is desired
Color Temperature Not specified
Construction Water White Glass

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