Sekonic Speed Master L-858D Digital Light Meter

  • Flash duration measurements
  • Radio control modules for wireless triggering
  • Increased light sensitivity, HSS flash measurements
  • Flash analysing function, determining the dynamic range of your camera



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Aiming to provide for the needs of both photographers and filmmakers, the Speed Master L-858D-U Light Meter from Sekonic comes packed with a variety of upgraded features and capabilities that make it an almost essential tool for a working professional. It is able to take incident and reflected light readings of both flash and ambient light with an expanded measuring range of -5 to 22.9 EV at ISO 100, or within an illuminance range of 0.1 to 2,000,000 lux. Users will also find it intuitive and easy-to-use thanks to the use of a 2.7″ colour touchscreen LCD and an all-weather design.

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