Digitek DRL-18 H 18 Inch Professional LED Ring Light

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Key Feature:

  • Button controls: DRL-18H comes with Intensity control, Color temperature control & power button making it easier to operate.
  • Multi angle: With a 360 degree rotated smart phone holder, you can angle vertically or horizontally without taking the phone out of the holder. For photographers, a hot shoe adapter included fits onto a standard accessory shoe on the stand.
  • Dual color modes: With color temperature variable from 3200 to 5600k, runs on 2 optional Sony np-f550 / 750 / 960 lithium-ion batteries suitable where there is no power supply.

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Digitek DRL-18 H 18 Inch Professional LED Ring Light

Digitek Bi-Color LED Ring Light is a distinctive-shaped source with a signature quality of light. Soft, slightly directional look or you can mount it to a grip head or light stand and shoot through it for a silky smooth near-shadowless effect that is specially kind to the complexion. With color temperature variable from 3200 to 5500K, Runs on 2 optional Sony NP-F550 / 750 / 960 lithium-ion batteries.

DRL-018 shows no shadow aperture by the Ring Structure. It is made up of 240 pieces High Quality SMD LED Lamps, with Stable Color Temperature & High IP, it can isolate DC power supply. Built-in temperature protect the electronic circuit.

Operational Instructions :
1- Please take out the light from the bag, insert the power line into the plug and connect to AC.
2- Rotate the knob clockwise to Turn on the light. On Rotating further the light becomes brighter.

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