Eartec Ultralite+Hub 4 Person System

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Eartec Ultralite+Hub 4 Person System

Ultralite Wireless Headset Systems
UP position. Using AutoMUTE is a simple and efficient way to mute your microphone signal.
A terrific feature of UltraLITE systems is that the Lithium Polymer batteries (included) charge externally and are field replaceable. This allows you to purchase and keep spare batteries on hand extending the run time of your system indefinitely. A multi-port charger is included with each new complete UltraLITE intercom that features positive LED indicators. When the batteries reach full charge the corresponding LED turns from red to green indicating that the battery is ready to go.

Since UltraLITE headsets are field programmable all base packages are expandable and can even be incorporated into a HUB or Interface system to accommodate your growing needs.

The Hub
Full Duplex Communication for Larger Crews
Stand Alone / Interface Existing Intercom / Global Connect Over IP
The EARTEC HUB provides full duplex wireless communication to larger production staffs that need to stay in constant voice contact while working with their hands. This versatile Mini Base weighs only 9 oz. and can either be placed strategically “on location” or belt worn. When clipped comfortably to the user’s waist this digital repeater moves seamlessly with your group allowing crews to talk simultaneously within a 400-yard range.

Two operating channels are built-into the HUB circuitry so that separate groups of four can talk privately, and pressing the CH button creates an eight-person conference. A dual pin jack allows addition of a wired headset extending the talk net to nine users.

The Modular capabilities of the HUB Mini Base provide sound solutions to complicated communication problems. When a larger talking pattern is required two separate HUB intercoms with eight users can be linked via the interface cable assembly doubling capacity to 16 full duplex transceivers. Extension cables to this interconnect of 50, 100, and 200 feet lengths are also available which allows you to separate the HUBs, stretching the range and supplying wireless signal to areas that may be difficult to reach. For example, inside heavily constructed buildings, steel enclosures, large factory / warehouse floors, or mobile broadcast production trucks etc.

If you need to add full duplex wireless headsets to an existing, permanently installed wired intercom the HUB Interface makes this a snap. The HUB Global Connect series will link wireless crews anywhere in the world through internet webchat (via mobile phone connection or by laptop / desktop). To learn more about these terrific capabilities visit the HUB Wired Interface and Global Connect pages.

Another important feature of the HUB is the dual power option: rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery and AC wall plug (both included). The HUB battery can be charged externally, is field replaceable, and also charges when installed in the HUB during operation under wall current.

The Eartec HUB is offered in two series, with UltraLITE self-contained wireless headsets or UltraPAK belt pack style transceivers and plug-in lightweight headsets for those users that need discreet operation. Select the series from the two options listed below. Your brand new, complete duplex intercom will be shipped in a soft side case ready to go right out of the box.




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