Kodak V351 LED Video Light for Camera Without Battery

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Kodak V351 LED Video Light for Camera Without Battery

The KODAK V351 LED Video Light is a great choice for video and still photographers alike needing portable on location lighting for all types of photography. It is solution for getting Professional photography Results with ease and simplicity. The KODAK V351 Led Video Light uses SMD ( surface-mounted-device) LED technology which yields a slimmer and more lightweight design than other on camera LED models. The Professional Photographer or filmaker will appriciate this reduced bulk and weight which is 50% less than comparable output units in the market . The KODAK V351 LED video light is a bi-color light that can switch between 3200k and 5500k with the turn dedicated knobs. You can further soften the output by using included diffusion, The light features a slot for L-type battery, and a threaded hole allows you to mount the light to your accessory shoe via the included shoe adapter. It also has an added front reflector system with silver surface to help further project stray and reflected light.”

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