Soonwell PH70 Power Handle

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Key Feature:

  • Can be used either side handle or top handle.
  • Powering your camera,light,monitor,wifi,video transmitter at the same time.
  • inbuilt 70wh rechargable battery ,power 4 hours for bmpcc/dslr camera.
  • overload current protection streamlined aluminium body anti-slip rubber body

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Soonwell PH70 Power Handle

Soonwell introduces this battery top handle to be compatible with all sorts of DSLR and DSLM cages in the market. The company claims that it matches with most of the available cages. The handle has a 1/4 20″ screw to connect to those cages. As a top handle, it will provide DSLR shooters with features that often lack in their standard setups. These options include two D-Tap (14.8V, 5A each), one USB (5V, 2.1A) and two DC (12V and 8V with 3A each) connectors, just mounted on top of their camera setup. Thus, this top handle could be attractive to take a closer look at for a lot of people.

Overload: The product comes with a safety “Overload” indicator on the handle which lights up when the power draw on the dual D-Tap port exceeds 10A. This enables the user to reduce the power draw.

These powering options can help users to power their camera and other attached accessories such as lights, audio gear, small monitors or audio/video transmitters. All of these pieces of equipment can be powered at the same time if they are in line with the prerequisites of the battery grip. Users can provide power for other types of devices with this as well, of course.

Aside from these features, the PH70 has long standby times and stays operable at low heat for long hours of operation. They also say that it’s resistant to powering problems and outages. In addition to that, the grip is covered at least partially with anti-slip rubber. Five LEDs with a “Check” button to display the actual battery charge level helps the user to prevent a sudden power outage.

Another handy feature is that the manufacturer has included a cold shoe on top of the device to attach further accessories to the top handle.

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