DJI Ronin 4D Flex Extension Unit

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  • For DJI Ronin 4D Cinema Cameras
  • Detach Zenmuse X9 from Main Body
  • Reduce Handheld Weight to 4 lb
  • 6.6′ Cable Length, Supports 8K Video
  • Compatible with 4D’s Handgrips/Monitor
  • Extension Rod, Remote Head, Jib

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DJI Ronin 4D Flex Extension Unit

Reconfigure the Ronin 4D for Reimagined Footage
Ideal for solo operators or tight spaces, the DJI Ronin 4D Flex Extension Unit allows you to detach your Ronin 4D’s Zenmuse X9 gimbal camera and expand its filming possibilities. One end of the Flex attaches to the main Ronin 4D body while the other secures the X9 camera, reducing your handheld operation weight to just 4 lb. A 6.6′ cable maintains communication between the two units for remote head configurations and supports transmission of up to 8K video. You can easily attach your Ronin 4D handgrips to the Flex thanks to the included adapters. Even the main monitor can be secured to the Flex using its cold shoe mounting point. Other mounting threads allow you to secure the attached X9 to extension rods or tripods.

Agile Configuration Switches
Switching between the Flex unit and the integrated configuration on set is fast and does not require any tools.
Included handgrip mount adapters and USB-C adapter cables support native integration of the Ronin 4D’s handgrips. A cold shoe mount and display port allow you to attach the main monitor to the Flex unit to frame your shots.
The integrated 6.6′ cable not only delivers 8K video from the Zenmuse to the Ronin 4D body. it also communicates remote instruction from the Ronin 4D to the Zenmuse camera. It features a slim and flexible design to ensure secure transmission without getting in the way of your shots.

Extension Rod or Small Jib
The 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads at the bottom of the Flex head allow you to secure the X9 camera to an extension pole or jib arm. Shoot low-angle shots of your subject’s feet and climb upwards all in one fluid motion using the gear of your choice.

Remote Head
Thanks to its integrated cable communication, the X9 can be configured as a cinematic-grade remote head. Using the transmission of the Ronin 4D and the Ronin ecosystem of control accessories, the Flex unit helps you achieve dynamic pan, tilt, and tracking shots remotely. This is especially useful when trying to achieve these movements in tight spaces.

Ergonomic Load Distribution
Once your X9 is attached to the Flex unit, you have the option of redistributing the weight of your Ronin 4D to your camera operator’s shoulders or waist. Using the separately available mounting backpack or vest, handheld shots with the 4D can be sustained for longer periods of time.

Extended Lens Compatibility for Static Shots
Expand your X9’s compatibility to telephoto and cine lenses using the included pan axis quick-lock included with the Flex. Mount the Flex onto a tripod and integrate third-party accessories like follow focus motors to expand compatibility to zoom and anamorphic lenses.




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